Quests in the MARDEK series are goals or objectives for the player to accomplish. Some quests are required, in order to advance the plot; others are optional. Most quests take multiple steps to complete and reward the player in some fashion.

List of Quests

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Save Gope?

Available MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero - after starting the 'Mission in the Gem Mines' quest.
  1. Find Gope in the Gem Mines.
  2. Choose to either kill or spare Gope.
  3. If you chose to kill Gope:
  • Further the plot.
  • If you choose to spare Gope:
    • ★ Trilobite Key IV (talk to Gope in the Goznor inn).
    • Access to Gope's traveling shop in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones.

(Re)Slay the Mighty Dragon!

Available MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero - after finishing the 'Save Goznor!' quest.
  1. Traverse the Catacombs, including Social Fox's Tomb.
  2. Re-slay the Zombie Dragon.

The Trilobite Cave

  1. Acquire all four Trilobite Keys:
  2. Traverse the Trilobite Cave.
Rewards Access to Cambria.

Save the Reptoids!

Walkthrough With Sslen'ck in your party, head down to Sandflow Caves and speak to four wandering reptoids to send them on their way back to Xantusia.
Rewards Speak to one of the four reptoids back in Xantusia, and he will give you the dreamstone #3. Jacques will also award you with the Ambassador medal when you report back to Castle Goznor.

Trade Quest

Walkthrough This side quest spans over the course over the game. Various Non-Player Characters will ask you for various items, and after giving them said items, they give you something in return.
Rewards The Drackal Crescent, Sslen'ck's best greataxe.

Trilobite Warriors

Walkthrough You have to defeat six Trilobite Warriors hidden around Belfan.

They can be found at:

Rewards A 20% chance to get the rare Trilobite Staff whenever you defeat one of the Trilobite Warriors, and access the Arena in Cambria in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones after defeating all six.


Walkthrough When travelling at the Warport, answer the security questions wrongly and the nice security person will turn into and/or summon a Security Demon!!!
Rewards 10,000 experience points and a ★ Gold Warport Pass which grants unlimited Warport travel. You also get to keep the original ★ Warport Ticket as a bonus prize.


Walkthrough The quest starts immediately after defeating the King of Goznor. Qualna jumps into an Astral Tunnel and Rohoph follows him. Make your way through the Astral Tunnel, and defeat Qualna. After that, go to the Aeropolis theatre, watch the play, and defeat the Zombie Actor to win the game.
Rewards You'll get ★ Qualna's Soul Jewel as a prize for completing MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones!


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