A small magical fairy, bound immobile by a powerful spell. Its magic can be used to grant the user Auto-M.Shield, but it's highly unethical as the fairy is still alive...

In-game description

Purple Fairy is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in either Accessory slot by Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Steele, Vehrn, Zach, Donovan, Sharla, Sslen'ck, Solaar, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraeador, Legion, Bartholio and Aalia.


The Purple Fairy resembles the fairies from the Legend of Zelda series. In particular the Purple Fairy has four small pink wings with a bright and opaque purple 'core' around the center of the Fairy.


  • LIGHT Elemental
  • Auto-M.Shield
For quest Can be brought to the Fairy Leader in Lifewood for a reward.


In shop Aeropolis Bandit Shop (Slums) (x1)