Proteus is a small-medium developing world inhabited by humans currently in the Mediaeval age. There's nothing special about it, though at one time it did have some important resources, and as such was visited and claimed by the Lingons. The Lingons left the planet alone when the humans on it started becoming sentient, however. Proteus is going to be given a new name and new races in the Deliverance remake.

Physical Characteristics

Proteus is very similar to Earth. And that's about it, really.


Proteus probably has a single satellite.


Before the Lingons left Proteus to develop by itself, they gave the humans the knowledge of YALORT. Since then, Yalortism has become the single most prominent religion on Proteus.


Monsters on Proteus are all low-level, though some remote dungeons hold more powerful Monsters.

Places of Interest

Proteus map

Famous Residents

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