For other uses, see Potted Cactus.

A miniature cactus in a tiny little pot. How quaint! Try lobbing it at something for spiny, non-elemental damage.

In-game description

Potted Cactus is an item in the MARDEK series.


The Potted Cactus is just what the name suggests- it is a simple green cactus dotted with tiny 1-3 pixel black spikes (species unknown) with a pair of small protrusions to its sides. It is inside a tiny brown pot (possibly clay).


Properties Deals PHYSICAL damage


In chest Desert Path
As drop

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  • Cannot be used with Potion Spray.
  • The Potted Cactus is the only method of dealing Non-Elemental damage. Non-Elemental damage ignores all forms of resistance, and is distinctly different than Physical.
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