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A concoction made from bleach, vinegar, urine, and a pinch of brown sugar. Its aroma alone can melt steel, but fortunately for you, all it does in this game is restore 100HP.

In-game description

Potion is an item in the MARDEK series.


The Potion is a small blue canister of a liquid made from bleach, vinegar, urine, and a pinch of brown sugar. It is unclear if the drink is blue, the case is blue, or if the drink is black (assuming that isn't just the lighting in the center of the sprite). It has a small brown cork top that stops the drink from spilling (and the smell from killing the player). This gives the question of how it is consumed without causing death, but that is a different story...


The Potion is the most basic healing item of all. It heals a partly 100 HP, which while useful early on (basically a full heal in the first game and near that in the second) is ultimately outclassed by both better items (such as the self explanatory BetterPotion, the status curing Chocolate Milk or the 20 times more effective FigJuice) and healing moves (such as Heal and Earth Heal). That said, it is great for small cuts and bruises when low on MP and far from a save point.

In Chapter 3, if one stops by Gloria's Cauldron and has many Potions they can make a multitude of BetterPotions.

Properties Restores 100 HP
As ingredient BetterPotion


On join
In chest
As drop
In shop


  • Used by Bandit (Gem Mine).
  • Used by Vennie in chapter 2.
  • Unlike in many RPGs, Potions in MARDEK do not hurt the Undead. However, they will not heal them.
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