Polly Eh-Selmar is Deugan's mother. She lives in the southwest of Goznor, next to Mardek's house. A plump, jolly woman, she is the heart of any party she's ever at, and seems to know everyone in the village on a rather personal level. She is the town's main source of gossip.


Polly was born in Goznor, Belfan. She is married to Derek Fa-Gardon. Polly appears to be Lilanea's best friend.

She has a characteristic accent, and sometimes seems to be a little incoherent, serving as a comic relief. She cares for her son's safety, and is really proud of him.

She can be found sometimes in Lilanea's house, having a chat with her, and in Chapter 3, she is always seen in her house with her husband grieving over Deugan's apparent death.


Although her involvement in the first two chapters was very slim, Deugan's disappearance has affected her greatly in Chapter 3. She is consistently frowning, and while she says that she is glad that Mardek has become a Royal Knight, since Deugan would have wanted that as well, she barely acknowledges Mardek when spoken to.


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