Peregrin Blacksteed is a character in Deliverance. He is the first character to join the party after the hero is separated from his team in the Lost Ruins.


He finds the main character after s/he is teleported, and then helps him/her try to find his/her crewmates. Peregrin will be of a new race in the remake, although his role is roughly similar.


Peregrin has stats best suited for physical attacks, although he when he joins your party he knows Bolt 1 and Accelerate. His spells aren't bad, but if you have a character better suited to spellcasting, it is advisable to make them cast spells instead. After you defeat The Zombie!, Peregrin can be taught Gale Cut (bought at Aldea's Air Magic shop; it is extremely effective, but it won't help if you bring him with you into the Temple of Air.

Starting Skills

Name Element Components Properties MP
Bolt I Air ThunderSoul AirEssenceDeliverance
Bone Bone
DMG: 17-33 6
Quicken Air FocusSoul MoonstoneDeliverance
GriffinFeather GriffinFeather
AGL: +10 6


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