This article is about the level in Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X. For the planet, see Ortekia (Planet).

Ortekia is a level in Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X. It is the final level in the game and is only accessible after beating all other levels.


Well, uh... It seems that we've gone and angered all of the other races in the Draco System. The Lingons, the Crystaloids, the Triobots... Even the Sythoids were annoyed by us killing loads of them off. So now they've all come to attack Ortekia for vengeance. So. This time you'll be a protector of our planet. Just... hold them off for a while. Make sure they don't take over the world or anything.
That is your mission.


This is the longest level in the game, with 9 areas. The first area has all Triobot enemies from Tetreous. The second is the Pyramidal Destroyercraft boss. The third has all Lingon enemies. The fourth is the Arcane Artillery Centre boss. The fifth has all Crystalite enemies (minus the Crystal Spires). The sixth is the Crystal Mothership boss. The seventh has only Synthoids. The eighth is the Ultimate Synthoid boss. The ninth is a massive, extremely grueling all-out assault which combines the units of every enemy faction in the game.


For beating this level you are awarded the OrtekTechMk2 chassis, only usable in a New Game Plus. It vastly increases all stats.

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