The tiny world of Ortekia, home of the Orteks, used to be rather beautiful, many millenia ago... But then some kind of alien being visited it, and started... experimenting. It modified the native Orteks, which became the Cyber Orteks; horrible killers bent on the destruction of all other life.

All the lush vegetation on Ortekia was destroyed, the atmosphere was polluted... Now it's uninhabitable by most life and the Cyber Orteks are the only things left on it.

Ortekia is a place to avoid if you know what's good for you.

Physical Characteristics

The atmosphere of Ortekia consists of various types of terrible, toxic gases, and is highly unbreatheable. The surface is rocky and barren, and speckled with myriads of craters. There are many mountains. There are also some dried seas; no liquid has been on this world for aeons... The side of the planet facing its star is scorchingly hot, and the side facing away from the star is frigidly cold. Sometimes, however, one side is shone on by Psoth and the other is shone on by Droth, lighting and burning the entire surface of the planet.


Ortekia doesn't have any natural satellites. Not anymore.


The Cyber Orteks inhabit Ortekia. They are created in massive underground factories. Various other underground buildings exist; most of them are for dealing with war. Cyber Orteks care about nothing other than war, really.


Though Ortekia doesn't have any Monsters, as such, it does have Cyber Orteks, which are incredibly high-levelled. Few adventurers are powerful enough to travel here, and even those that are should avoid it like the plague.

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