The Old Hermit is a character in MARDEK.


An old hermit (as the name suggests) who lives in a cave deep in the Crimson Peak volcano. He used to be the shaman of the local region, but he was driven insane by the guilt of certain actions of his and secluded himself so that he could no longer be a harm to anyone.

He still watches over the volcano, continuing his duty as a shaman.


Soul Cage

In his earlier days, the old hermit was a shaman and he trapped the souls of countless bad folks inside Soul Cages. One of the most evil ones, Danarius Vellamessantine, is still trapped in one up to this day. When asked about this by Mardek, he requested for Mardek's help to release the Wretched Soul, and taught him how to do so. After releasing and defeating the Wretched Soul, Mardek is able to get hold of the ★ Wretched Skull which is needed. The old hermit also rewarded Mardek by giving him the Dreamstone #9.

Trade Quest

The old hermit loves cake and takes the ★ Scrumptious Cake that Gail gave the party, and in return he gave them a ★ Little Wooden Key.



  • The old hermit affectionately calls the tiny cave which he lives in 'Margaret'.
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