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A bomb filled with powdered chemicals, which explodes on impact. The resulting smoke induces drowsiness, confusion, blindness and poison.

In-game description

Noxious Bomb is an item in the MARDEK series.


As befitting the name, the Noxious Bomb is an orange bomb with a lime skull and crossbones symbol on the front and a black string at the end. The tip of the sprite is reddish, suggesting the best location for the fuse to be lit.


If you ever want to throw a wrench in the gears of your opposition, this is it. A single foe will be attacking its allies (worst case) or completely disabled for a while (best case). Of course, the method of obtaining leaves something to be desired as well as leaving it unsuitable for everyday use (there are few Acid Seeds in existence and nothing that drops them). That said, while few bosses are vulnerable to the status it inflicts, those that are vulnerable (even a 50% resistance works) should have a few of these thrown at them.

  • Inflicts Confusion and Poison
  • May inflict Sleep (50%) and Blind (50%)


In chest
In shop
From recipe ×1 at Gloria's Cauldron:

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