(Necropolises as described by a book in the Aeropolis Library)

Though it is possible to wander alone in the Astral Realm, making your dreams come true via beliefs alone, most people aren't simply thrust into the raw, open, chaotically writhing wilderness of the realm.
Instead, when they die, they ascend to a place which their religion taught them would be waiting for them. Heaven, essentially. It is exactly as their religion taught.
In truth, there are many of these 'Heavens' (known as Necropolises); all the afterlives spoken of in every religion actually exist. They range from serene palaces of pearl and gold, to blissful fields of flowers, to huge battlegrounds full of fresh monsters to slay.
They are formed inside 'bubbles' on the Astral Realm by deities, and exist as a form of reward, and a place of gathering for like minds who believed in the same 'Heaven'.
It is possible, once at a Necropolis, to leave, to ascend to higher planes or to reincarnate, but the time that souls can spend there is unlimited. Some never leave because they desire no more than what is there.
Skilled Astral Travellers can hop between different Necropolises as a traveller; an ability that offers limitless wonders, as it is said that lifeforms on other worlds have their own Necropolises too.
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