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A potion made from the Mugwort herb, which has some sort of healing properties, apparently. It restores 500HP. And causes seizures.

In-game description

MugwortJuice is an item in the MARDEK series.


MugwortJuice looks just all the other potion types, but is green. In effect, it is a verdant green flask containing a murky green liquid with a small brown stopper. Apparently made out of Water Essence and Mugwort.


MugwortJuice is like a godsend for players who are traversing the early-mid game of Chapter 3. While Mugwort Juice is nowhere near as potent as FigJuice nor versatile as Chocolate Milk or God Piss, Mugwort Juice is very useful and able to heal most damage the player will have to deal with until they actually enter the temples. As the player finds the Secret Shop in Goznor and gets to the upper levels of the game, Mugwort Juice becomes less useful but still remains a staple for healing endgame bruises.

God Piss is a direct upgrade with 100 more healing power and throwing in 60 MP restoration.

Properties Restores 500 HP


On join Gloria (x10)
In chest
As drop
In shop
From recipe ×10 at Gloria's Cauldron:


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