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In Miasmon, Monsters are Miasmal Apparitions that can be fought in battle or cloned and trained to fight for the player.


Although monsters are by nature wild and ferocious, the Elarna developed miasmal technology allowing them to train monsters to fight for them. Francis Marmalade later reverse-engineered their technology to create Miasmachines and Gauntlets.

To train a monster, it must first be cloned, which requires collecting its essence. Essence is collected by and stored in the trainer's Gauntlet. It can be obtained by defeating wild monsters, ea... Although it was planned that each family would have a shared essence pool, this was not implemented, and the essence collected from evolved monsters is useless and does not allow for cloning of them or their prevolution. Essence can also be received directly from others, as in the case of Protonculus and the Curator's sidequest.

Once essence is obtained, an Essent monster can be cloned at a Miasmachine for a fee dependent on the monster's type. These fees range from trivial (5 Syanra) to prohibitively expensive (9999 Syanra). A newly-cloned monster is immediately added to the Gauntlet, which can store up to 6 monsters and control them in combat. Additional monsters can be left in the Miasmachine.


The maximum level possible for monsters on Fracture is 30. There is, however, an in-game level cap of 10, enforced by the player's gauntlet. At every level, a monster receives a bonus. These bonuses are observed on all monsters, including wild ones.

At all even levels, monsters receive a +1 bonus to one of their vital stats. This is permanent and stays the same across evolutions. At all odd levels, monsters receive access to a new skill. Levels 3 and 5 grant a Tier 1 skill (with the two default skills they start with making 4) and levels 7 and 9 grant a Tier 2 skill. Tier 1 skills can be changed at a Miasmachine by using a Rank I Crystal, but Tier 2 skills are permanent.


As a monster levels up it is meant to evolve through a number of forms. These are indicated by evolutionary stages. Each monster begins as an Essent, and then progresses to Transient, Prime and ultimately Paragon. Due to the low level cap, only a single evolution is possible. This takes place upon reaching level 6; it can be postponed by pressing Z and will be available again at each subsequent levelup. In most cases, this is a transition from an Essent form to a Transient form. However, a few families do not have a Transient form, and the monster therefore evolves directly into a Prime form; these are the only Prime-stage monsters found in-game. No Paragon-stage monsters can be observed.

A special case is the Totemnal stage. Totemnal is a special stage outside of the typical evolutionary progression. A totemnal evolution is caused by using a Totem on an Essent monster, but only a few specific Totem-Essent combinations will actually yield a Totemnal-stage monster. A Totemnal monster is no longer able to evolve normally, but if a monster family has multiple Totemnal forms, Totems can be used to repeatedly swap the monster between them.

List of Monsters

The in-game bestiary has space for 93 monsters, but 11 of those are not implemented and can never be filled; 11 more can only be found as enemies. It is impossible to collect—or even observe—the remaining 71 monsters in one playthrough, because several require a particular totem from the Matena Sanctuary or essence from the Curator's sidequest.


The following is a list of all monsters in the in-game bestiary.

  1. Protonculus
  2. Pyrosimos
  3. Hydrosimos
  4. Aerosimos
  5. Geosimos
  6. Sparkpup (unobtainable)
  7. Hotdog (unobtainable)
  8. Merrowet (unobtainable)
  9. Sahuagirl (unobtainable)
  10. Wingecko (unobtainable)
  11. Featheraptor (unobtainable)
  12. Gruul
  13. Grarl
  14. Griffuul
  15. Modestoat
  16. Sinistoat
  17. Dextotter
  18. Meep
  19. Dododo
  20. Carminymph
  21. Heirubeus
  22. Incubuzz
  23. Cyanymph
  24. Damserulean
  25. Sirenymph
  26. Worker
  27. Forman
  28. Pterosol
  29. Pteradiance
  30. Roth
  31. Liethon
  32. Vega
  33. Achernar
  34. Fluffnugget
  35. Studmuffin
  36. Arph
  37. Howlucea
  38. Vampurr
  39. Vampiger
  40. Wrember
  41. Burnd
  42. Jadra (unobtainable)
  43. Emeraldra (unobtainable)
  44. Leafish
  45. Barkuda
  46. Fungoblin
  47. Sporc
  48. Psytick (unobtainable)
  49. Chrysophage (unobtainable)
  50. Humbug (unobtainable)
  51. Gobhopper (unobtainable)
  52. Celestyke (unobtainable)
  53. Celestronaut (unobtainable)
  54. Tendriloon
  55. Snapdragon
  56. Citrusaur
  57. Allosatsuma
  58. Pebbill
  59. Runeagle
  60. Bashfoal
  61. Emberass
  62. Bristleech
  63. Hirsutinea
  64. Mycoxa
  65. Tarsushroom
  66. Steggo
  67. Stegospear
  68. Ammos
  69. Palaeos
  70. Axelotl (unobtainable)
  71. Sabremander (unobtainable)
  72. Scentinel
  73. Defendursa
  74. Runebug (unobtainable)
  75. Crypticada (unobtainable)
  76. Squisp
  77. Octoneiros
  78. Skularna
  79. Skelarna
  80. Fossizzle
  81. Kitin
  82. Kitodonata
  83. Beek
  84. Trilobone
  85. Triloblade
  86. Phlegmatimp
  87. Sanguimp
  88. Drak (unobtainable)
  89. Drair (unobtainable)
  90. Crowbat
  91. Corvern
  92. Byzite (unobtainable)
  93. Gworm (unobtainable)


List of monsters which are not included in the bestiary:

  1. Wolflare
  2. Undiva
  3. Serpinion
  4. Garuulf
  5. Estoateric
  6. Papagogo
  7. Presidant
  8. Antares
  9. Angelpus
  10. Twiliger
  11. Phoenexplode
  12. Emeraldra2 (placeholder name)
  13. Bushark
  14. Sporgre
  15. Crystantula
  16. Scaraball
  17. Hydrangea
  18. Tangerex
  19. Roc
  20. Stegosword
  21. Fossilich
  22. Komodao
  23. Draguardian
  24. Atmantis
  25. Krakoneiros
  26. Duskelarna
  27. Cholerimp
  28. Drarch
  29. Gworm2 (placeholder name)
  30. Yinyegg
  31. Gargolith
  32. Angelith
  33. Codaver
  34. Rottacean
  35. Wisperch
  36. Naztec