The Shaman of Canonia has gone missing! It's your mission to go to Canonia - which is to the East of Goznor - and speak to the Guard Captain there, who'll tell you what to do next.

In-game description

Missing Shaman is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Available MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero - after the second mission briefing in Castle Goznor.
  1. Traverse the Eastern Glens and Lake Qur.
  2. Complete the 'The Lake Hag' quest.
  3. Talk to the Canonia Guard Captain.
  4. Traverse the Canonia Woods and Tainted Grotto.
  5. Defeat the Canonia Shaman.
  • Further the plot.
  • 1000 gold.
  • Geojacket (return to where you defeated the Canonia Shaman).
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