An... eccentric... man in Xantusia spoke of a "temple" of sorts that he and his colleagues used to be "priests" of, which is missing a certain "Holy Icon" of sorts. A monster stole it and took it deep within the Sandflow Caves. If you happen to find it, bring it back to Lykel for a reward.

In-game description

Missing Gizmo is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough Start the quest by talking to Lykel in Xantusia. Next head to Sandflow Caves where you have to go through a secret path to get to a cave. Inside the cave, look at your map and hunt down the Sand Marauder at very end of the cave and defeat it to get the ★ Gizmometer. Bring it back to Lykel.
Rewards An EveningStar and another Dreamstone!
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