A Miasmal Chalice is a plot item significant in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones. They are needed to unlock the main portion of the Miasmal Citadel, and thus are required to access a majority of late-game optional content. The four chalices required to do so are found in the Elemental Temples. In order to acquire a chalice, the player must defeat at least 100 monsters in the respective temple.

The presence of the Miasmal Chalices on the pedestals in the Miasmal Citadel barring the four acquired by Mardek, aside from being very lucky, suggests that someone was aware of their purpose (to unlock the Miasmal Citadel) and was collecting them to do so. What motives or goal for such actions are unknown. It is also unknown how they got to the temples.

Game description

(from a book in the Xantusia library)

Monsters are not living creatures as such, but more like apparitions made of an invisible but omnipresent substance known as 'the Dark', 'Miasma', or 'Dark Matter', which exists between this plane of existence and another. They take on forms derived from thinking minds, and exist only to bring despair and conflict, it seems. They have no minds or feelings.

An ancient civilisation built these magical 'chalices' to collect the Dark or Miasma in order to utilise its power. For what purpose is not known. It is known, however, that they fill when monsters near them are slain; they attract the raw Dark Energy that the monster dissolves into before it has a chance to rejoin the rest of the Miasma in the space between planes.

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