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  • Yo, mate, long time 'n all. There's probably gonna be like new traffic any second now, shouldn't you address the editors on how to treat the Steam version of MARDEK (i.e., the 3.4.001 version) while editing? There's an edit with a 100% Keyblade drop already (the guy also removed the catacombs note, can you get a second Keyblade in the Arena?) and there's probably gonna be more regarding the changes from the 3.3.072 version.

    Do we consider it an update and just burn the old drops/skills (please don't)? Should we create separate pages for each version? Should we add notes/trivia/some kind of version sliders? A giant Wookiepediaesque ORIGINAL/STEAM thing at the top (please don't)?

    (inb4 you did write about it somewhere and I'm just to dumb to find it)

    I'll do my best if you need any help. Thanks for taking care of this place btw.

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  • Tobias had posted a playthrough of Taming Dreams on his Youtube channel... I wonder if we could make a wiki article of it and his newer games?

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  • Hi DarthKitty!

    I'm a new contributor. I just wanted to say hi. Nice to meet you! 

    Also, I was wondering, is there a general community chat place?  I'd love to say hello to everyone. :)

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    • Hi, welcome to Figverse Wiki and apologies for not responding sooner! There's no community chat right now, since it's usually just me around here, but I have been considering setting up a Discord server for the wiki. Maybe I'll do that sometime next month...

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  • Hey Kitty, I was wondering if we should activate achievements ( )

    I have few reasons why I consider that this wikia should have achievements:


    1. Doing challenges are fun and you are also rewarded with POINTS, 50% changes that it boost wikia's activity.

    2. It's not hard to use, you can add a new set of achievements, you can set a new photo and write a different title.

    If you want them to get points for editing something specific you can also do that.


     1. Users that  really want achievments they might start to farm (e.g They want to reach 100 edits so they can get the achievment and they stating spamming or to do a edit and undo and redo.)

    2. Global Admins are allowed to turn up achievments.

    3. We also need new types of Guildelines and Rules about achievments. (e.g No farming)

    So what do you think? I think is a good idea to introduce this feature.

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    • Hey Silviu, thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, FANDOM decided to deprecate Achievements back in April of 2017. Although the extension still works, the devs probably won't spend much time fixing it if something breaks—they could even decide to remove it suddenly, like they did with the "Monobook" skin. Encouraging editors is definitely a good idea, but I also don't want to work on something only to have it vanish a few months later, so I'm pretty 👎 on achievements. Does that seem reasonable to you?

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    • Yes.

      I understood about this one, but I don't think they would remove it because many wikias support this feature. Imaginate you script something and is appreciated by fans and you just suddently remove it, there would be like 60% of the fandom population complaining about that.

      And I understand the problem that achievments might get broke, because I don't know how scripting really works yet.

      If, dir, then

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  • I feel that the Mega lists you seem to dislike should actually remain given that they are part of the list of the relevant page (such as Spirit Nova on Mimicry or Stonesplosion on Elemancy), though it may be a good idea to add a second page for the move itself, possibly with a brief tactical analysis (how many people find reliable uses for Sombre Tears or Divine Glory?).

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    • I have no problem with list-like pages, and agree that we'll need to keep Mimicry and Elemancy around forever. What I do have a problem with is the way those pages are organized—specifically, the fact that we've stuffed 332 skills (if I counted correctly) into only 28 pages. Worse, we turned to collapsible boxes in order to manage that deluge of information, a design choice which is only viable for small sets of data.

      There are a bunch of other problems with the way we handle skills, but let's start from the top:

      As FANDOM staff will no-doubt tell you, about 9001% of all readers are using smartphones these days. That number has been rising consistently for nearly a decade now, and shows no signs of stopping. It's imperative that we adapt our content to work on smaller screens, and the collapsible boxes we use on pages like Mimicry do not make the cut.
      Take a look at, say, Astral Magic. When somebody visits that page, what do you suppose they're looking for? I can think of three possibilities: they might want a checklist, to see which skills they're missing; they might want a brief summary of what the skillset does; or they might want information about specific skills, e.g. Astral Form.
      Our collapsible box layout works well for the first use-case, but could be improved by removing extraneous information and reducing the amount of space each skill takes up. It does a poor job of handling the second case, forcing readers to scan every skill in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the set as a whole. It fails horribly for the third case, as hidden information is, by definition, harder to read; there's also a non-zero chance that someone will miss the "[More]" button, and therefore not realize that there's additional information.
      No matter how you slice it, cramming all of that information onto a single page harms readability.
      It can be difficult to find information about specific skills in the MARDEK series, especially ones that enemies use. Although redirects and disambiguations help, they don't address the root problem: skill pages do too much. Consequently, linking to skills is also annoying. We use Template:MARDEK Skill Link as a workaround, but that's not a very good solution either, because it's not obvious to newcomers that there's a template there.
      The collapsible boxes also make it harder to edit individual skills. For example, suppose you spotted an error in the box for Morbid Fondle; how would you fix it? You'd have to click on one of the "edit" links waaaay at the top of the page, and then scroll most of the way down. It's even worse for VisualEditor users like yourself, since you can only see the first line of each parameter.
      All of those cool things you've been doing with item pages—descriptions, strategies, related items, trivia—would have been difficult or impossible a few years ago, back when we kept items in collapsible boxes. Breaking individual items out into their own pages gave us room to grow, and the same principle applies to skills. In particular, this effort will make it easier to talk about enemy skills, which are currently under-represented on the wiki.

      In other words, when I talk about "mega lists", I don't just mean "lists of things". I'm referring to an organizational strategy with a ton of drawbacks. I should also note, because I'm not sure if I made this clear enough, that collapsible boxes are only a symptom of the problem. Here are a few more examples of "mega lists" with no collapsing parts:

      One final thing: I started working on the MARDEK skill overhaul project more than two-and-a-half years ago. While it's a lot closer now that I have a clearer idea of the visual design, it might not be finished for months... or even years. Please don't worry about it too much! :)

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    • First of all, thank you for giving such an indepth response and giving examples. I really appreciate it.

      The issue you brought up about only seeing the first line is avoidable by pressing enter in the box and then backspace; it opens the box to the full size.

      As for the actual points...

      If you have been spending such a long time on coming up with an overhaul, then 1. you need a cup of coffee, a vacation, and some honorary award and 2. you probably have a much better idea than what would pop up in my head after a short period of time. So I will defer to you on that.

      It seems as though the simplest thing to do would be to execute the grand plan you have in mind and taking the Mimicry pages and...leaving them alone outside of adding links to the "correct" pages. 10 hours of reworking a set of pages is 10 hours spent not doing other things, such as implementing other ideas or fixing errors. In effect it is easier to let the mediocre set up remain mediocre and set up a different simultaneously working system in its "place". If your plan involves severing that branch then that works as well, but if there is no current plan in place it seems like letting it stay is the best course of action.

      Anyways, the decision is yours, I've given my 0.38 pesos and the rest is up to you from what I can tell.

      P.S.: Am I correct in that adding a brief overview of items is acceptable? I will turn down the snarkiness and be more concise in the future; I wrote the first batch after dealing with a very annoying...acquantince of mine. If it somehow interferes with the wiki's purpose I will refrain from doing anymore and stick to appearances and trivia and the like.

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  • Do you know what font the Anunnaki speak in? Its really hard to search for a font without a name.

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  • I saw a redlink for a game that said something about Wyrmholes, was that an old game that was never finished or something that has started being built or what? Assuming you know of course.

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    • Pseudo talked about Wyrmholes in maaaaybe five blog posts? It was never finished—heck, it might not have even been started!—and as far as I'm aware, nothing ever came of it. I don't think vague, hypothetical "games" are relevant to the wiki, so feel free to remove those links. Alternately, you could track down the aforementioned blog posts and write a short article describing What Could Have Been. Or you could just leave the links red and let somebody else deal with it, like I've been doing. :p

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  • Hey man,

    I think it's amazing that you're still contributing and editing articles for Pseudolonewolf's games! Just finished playing MARDEK 3 a few months back and still listen to the soundtrack from time to time; very sad that Pseudo scrapped the original timeline and retconned the game series.

    Just wondering: since you're one of the fellow few who pays any sort of attention to this game, and have spent a considerable amount of time documenting it, how do you personally think the story of MARDEK would have ended, had Pseudo made all 8 chapters?

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    • I'd like to put my two cents in

      First of all, I feel like Clavis was a host for Qualna like Mardek is for Rohoph, and so even though Qualna is dead Clavis is still alive. Clavis, the one who is seeking equilibrium and was trying to help Mardek's team. Okay fine, yes I think it would have been great for Clavis to appear once or twice in 4 and then become a permanent party member. Here's a set of ideas for preexisting characters joining the party

      Clavis: Primarily Aether elemental attacks, also has an equal amount of Light and Dark, and maybe a Fig attack? Specializes in debuffing foes, though he still has some offensive potential.

      Enki : This guy probably has grey hair at this point. Taking after his son technically, wide variety of buffs, has some technological methods of dealing elemental damage (an Energy blade dealing Light for instance)

      Emela and Deugan've seen this one already. Expansions upon their old movesets, slightly more specialized in water for Emela (wasn't she going to get a Generic Magic Bolt (Thauma) or something?) with Deugan probably getting more half-SPR-based attacks to distinguish him from Ss'lenck (I always felt like he was there initially to fill in Duegan's role, but he's such a unique character outside of battle that he should stay).

      Because each MARDEK seemed to increase the amount of areas exponentially, I would have expected one of two things, along with a fun way to make the fourth game's final battle hellish and save time

      Game 4: Open up Frozen Wastes and access to the land across the sea (Aether crystal)

      If Game 5 Finale: Go to Anshar, beat the hell out of Anu and/or the mind devouring abomination.

      If Game 5 NOT Finale: Go to Nineveh, fight Anu. Game 6 is Anshar. 

      Game 4:

      Gaspar comes to town. There's a minor subplot first involving getting your old friends back but it quickly becomes obvious that OMIGOSH GASPAR'S GONNA BLOW UP THE VOLCANO NO or something like that. Actually, it would make sense for Gaspar to just go to Belfan and start blowing things up from space. Nothing already visited (I hated how you couldn't go back to the Catacombs, feels like you should have been able to go everywhere but the dragon's room), but maybe some of Canonia woods would be scorched (path and treasure are intact, strong monsters get added in to new areas within it).

      Anyways, Gaspar showdown:

      Level 50, Fire Elemental

      Immune to Light, Air, Fig. Absorbs Fire. 40% weak to Water.

      Weapon: Telekinetically wielded claws or something? I recommend Conflagrate as a pun.

      Attacks Physically more than Magically, still Fire Elemental. Given the Violet Crystal's effects he might have a Fig attack.

      Post Gaspar Battle: Gaspar probably starts using incredibly low level curse words as he dies. Rohoph is about to seal Gaspar's soul when Deus Ex Machina...just not yours.

      As Rohoph is sealing it the words are literally taken out of his mouth; both Melchior and Balty show up on Gaspars Spaceship/Volcano, take the soul, maybe Balty gives the Premature Villain Quote, presumably about breaking the Aether Crystal or doing something requiring the characters to go get it, while Melchior talks about what a nice day it is and how they should go attempt to ravage planets more often. I'm not actually sure how Balty was affected by the Violet Crystal.

      That One Sidequest

      The next step is the player needs to get to the other continent on the other side of the ocean. I'm assuming the Wraith in the Goznor secret shop would be the one who starts them on that path, and there's a whole convoluted sidequest to do this just like Legion.

      Possible idea:

      A Teleportation Device,

      A Doodad capable of holding lots of power

      Something capable of channeling raw thaumaturgic power

      • Warport Device (You have to go fight a Security Demon to get your hands on this, but this should be a cakewalk at your level)
      • Something from the ??? ship 
      • No idea, probably either something new or the stone we got in the Monastery. Maybe a Talisman from Zach's tribe? Or it could just be Clavis doing it, aren't Aether elemental people supposed to be able to emulate many forms of magic?

      Brave New World

      I'm assuming that the other continent is going to be Mesoamerican, so thick tropical jungle. Given that the occupants are wraiths, most areas would have to be accessed with either Legion's help if he isn't still with you (he'd cut away the path), or via Dreamrealming the way so you know where to go (like traversing the Lifewood, only to open new locations) or maybe there just aren't many pathways so it is a fairly small section of the world.
      Skipping plans for what you do there, you go to the Aether temple, and either

      a) there's a pathway leading to the Dreamrealm, where the Crystal is to make a Final Dungeon obvious and no point of no return until you enter the last room so you don't have the whole Final Boss leads to True Final Bosses dungeon thing we had in 3 (I wanted to bring my Turquoise Armor back with me).
      B) You navigate the temple, fight the Guardian, get the crystal. Then you have to go onto Balty/Melchior's ship, which has just burned/cleared out a wide swath of jungle letting you easily get there. Again, no PonR until the final room. FINAL BOSS MARATHON: Melchoir>Balty>???

      Here's their trump card. No, not that kind of Trump. After cutting down Melchoir, Balty attacks before Rohoph can seal Melchoir, Balty dies. Then the true finale for the episode happens. Gaspar's corpse falls on the floor, and the three souls each enter a different body. 

      True Final Boss: Water Melchior, Fire Balty, Air Gaspar (3 entities, all being fought simultaneously)

      Here we go. Gaspar is going berserk and has smashed a server, Balty is rapidly stating what he knows about Mardek's weakpoints or something I guess and Melchior is just sitting their whimsically wondering if they should stop and have lunch first.

      Each Absorbs their original element and are immune to Fig. Phsyical res is 0, as is Thauma. Each is using their original weapon, and the sprites are basically the same only with different eyes. For instance, Melchior is in Balty's outfit but is wielding his own weapon and has the yellow eyes. Each has an attack with the same name as their original with a verb before it to account for the shift. FBalty would "Scalding Deluge" which is Water elemental but also is strong against Air. All of them have a fig attack on hand so as to represent the Violet Crystal's effects.

      Level 65

      FIRE: -50
      AIR: 200
      WATER: 100 
      EARTH: -10
      DARK: 10
      LIGHT: 10
      AETHER: 50
      FIG: 100


      FIRE: 100
      AIR: -10
      WATER: 200
      EARTH: -50
      DARK: 50
      LIGHT: 10
      AETHER: 10
      FIG: 100


      AIR: 100
      WATER: -50
      EARTH: 20
      DARK: 10
      LIGHT: 50
      AETHER: 10
      FIG: 100

      The point is to force the player to think outside the book. Yes, I'm well aware that they have Earth as a common weakpoint (though Gaspar resists it), but if an Area Attack is used that is Fire Earth Water or Air then one of them will apply the corresponding NullElement. Or maybe they'll each counter with a strong blow. Possibly a bit too gimmicky, maybe a bit too hard, maybe too easily circumvented, but the idea is that you would have a set that expertly covers the weaknesses of their colleagues. That said, with no Thauma resistance one could just have Legion go to town... Post battle:

      Talk about the battle plan.

      If game 5 is the final one, then the next step is going to Anshar. The soul gems should have a lost shrine or something where you go to it and the gems can be broken, thus releasing the soul. Based on what I've seen and people have said, it seems like cutting the GdM off from magic by sealing them technically cured them of whatever the Violet Crystal is doing.

      If 6 is the final game, then Enki says something about going to Nineveh to get help. When you cut to the obligatory GdM scene Anu is just completely crazy at this point and spends the whole time rambling to himself. Welp, that took way to long. Its far from done or even enough to make the game out of, but I think I have an idea for a good end boss for 4 at least.

      In effect for 4 (and in more characters and plot points as you want):

      Go to Frozen Wastes, Deugan on the way (he's probably fighting some evil "Ice Princess" to make the whole "slew a princess and saved a dragon" thing literal)->Enki->Stuff happens, Clavis->Gaspar in Volcano/Ship->Acquire parts, probably Emela would join here->Enter Not-America, maybe a Wraith joins, more exploration!!!1!!->Aether Temple->Showdown->BMG do the soul swap and Final Boss Fight 4.

      If anyone wants to make a fan game, feel free to use this, I just ask that you have a character named Qz say "Hamstermer was here"

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    • As for the loose plot points: Muriance would probably have been the main reason for most of the non-GdM chaos that goes on. He's also really Affably Evil.

      BEC, like Darth said, would be a red herring. Except for a swarm of undead attacking Xantusia, but that's minor, right? Swarm being a single group of 3 undead.

      I feel like Bostom (Yellow Legion) would go from being a nutjob to being a wizened sort of guy, but still highly eccentric.

      I'm certain that  Vudu's fragment would be either used to power something, a shard of the VCrystal or the key to its destruction. Maybe responsible for the horrible cataclysm that that original Figwiki suggested happens to Belfan. 

      As for Steele, I'm almost willing to bet that if Mardek had gone to Anshar, Steele would have hopped aboard, be found, give/be given a few choice grade-a insults, and then be kicked off the ship the second they land. And probably be smashed by a rouge piece of rubble resulting from the final boss battle. 

      Speaking of Steele, anyone have a link to the Steele RPG?

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  • Hey Darth I am very sorry what happend in past, now I noticed everything I done was just bad.

    I am sorry I was lack of experience and blamming everything on you.

    May you hate me and don't want even talk with me.

    I am very sorry.

    I will leave now...

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    • Hey, don't worry about it. You're free to edit again, now that your block has expired. As long as you've learned from your mistakes, I don't think we'll have any problems! :)

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    • Thank you for not getting mad.

      I really liked Mardek, so I will try to help it.

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    • I am kinda discouraged after what happend in past.

      I just hope I do a good job so far -o-

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  • 2 questions: 

    1 do you know if removing the Crystal affects the spawn rate of monsters in the corresponding temple? It seems like it would and it feels like it does but I'm not sure. The only monster I'm really worried about would be the Rexaurus because they are the only repeatable non-Dreamshrine source of monster fangs.

    2 what inventions should  I equip for Merareador's survival challenge I haven't used him much (I got the Flamethrower so he would have a magical attack reaction and I'm almost done training him but I don't have any inventions yet). Everyone else I have set up already and poised to succeed but he is...unusual to say the least. I put on Quarry:SPIRIT because he has no Attack +#% reactions (he just have Degeneration, Drain 10%, Accuracy +50 and Quarry:SPIRIT) and his tournament has a few Souls floating around but I'm not sure if he will even use physical attacks.

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    • I kinda think that was deliberate, actually. Some rooms (I forget which) in the Earth Temple have a btlChance of 5, the highest in the game aside from the inconsequential Dragon's Lair. Players are probably supposed to get a ton of Monster Fangs at that point, even if they aren't grinding. That doesn't end up happening, of course, but that's probably because Tobias didn't do enough playtesting.

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    • Well it makes sense for the temple spawn rate to lower when the crystal is removed as it feeds power into the place. As for the Rexaurus, I think they were just a courtesy done for the people who didn't play Chp 2. I can only assume that the intention was that the player would have a good amount of Fangs from Social Fox's tomb, then get the missing few during the Dark Temple (Punk Monsters) so that this wouldn't be neccesary. But alas, I sold most of mine to the Goznor Weapon shop to raise funds for the Cambria Gear (I should have done it with the Item Shop) and they all vanished.

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