Melchior is an aeromancer annunaki and Governance de Magi member who controls the Air element. He seems rather dim-witted and crazy, yet appears to be one of the strongest members of the Governance de Magi, judging by his close position to Anu. Melchior gets easily distracted and always spouts out random personal preferences, most of the time referring to food.

Personality and Traits

Out of all the Governance de Magi characters, Melchior is eminently the most comical. He appears to be on good terms with Moric and Qualna due to his dialogue in Chapters 2 and 3, although this may have simply been a random comment he made. His personality is somewhat ironically similar to Mardek's, and the direct opposite of Balthazar. He also doesn't show any interest in killing Rohoph.

Likely due to his Air nature, Melchior is somewhat spacey and doesn't seem to care much about anything or respect the GdM's authority. He often talks rather illogically (Like talking about washing his hair despite not having any) and frequently leaves comments that have no application to the current argument. Like Qualna, he is completely unfazed by Gaspar's aggressive attitude.

Powers and Abilities

Due to being the air-based Governance de Magi member, he has powerful air-elemental abilities. Similar to all other annunaki, Melchior could perform a Soul Transfer on an air-elemental person or a corpse. Like Moric and Qualna, he likely possesses a unique ability that the other members of the GdM cannot use.


  • 'Balthazar', 'Gaspar' and 'Melchior' are traditionally the names of the three kings (properly known as 'magi') that bring baby Jesus presents in the nativity story of the Bible.
    • Furthermore, these are also the names of the Gurus of Reason, Time and Life respectively in Chrono Trigger, a highly iconic JRPG from the SNES era. Either one of the two groups could be the inspiration for the names of the MARDEK characters.
  • Melchior, in biblical Hebrew, means "My king of light".
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