The Marauder is the spaceship that the main character comes from in Deliverance.

Plot Involvement

The main character, Kerah and Quillon are given a mission by the captain to investigate a strange source of energy on the planet that the main character believes to be a cure for the Emperor.

Treasures Found


Left Corridor:

  • Someone's Quarters
  • Your Quarters
  • Forge Room

Top Corridor:

  • Bridge

Bottom Corridor:

  • Emperor's Chamber

Right Corridor:

  • Sick Bay
  • Cafeteria
  • Transporters


  • Similar to Spaceship ???? in MARDEK, the Marauder has an engine room located at the lower centre of the ship, locked with a key and inaccessible so far in the game.
    • This suggests that the Spaceship ???? may be an alternate timeline version of the Marauder some time after the events of Deliverance.
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