The Manta were a very technologically and magically advanced race that once existed on Belfan a long time before the events of MARDEK. They were wiped out by a creature known as 'The Annihilator'. The Manta were able to contain Miasma in the form of Miasmal Chalices, though for unknown purposes.

Game description

(from a book in the Aeropolis Museum)

The Manta Civilisation
There are tales that humans, reptoids, and all current sentient denizens of this world were not the first to build up societies; no, not by a long shot. We are merely building over the ruins of many dead races that came before us.
One of these extinct civilisations was known as the Manta; a magically gifted, intelligent, philosophical race who sought to understand the cosmos. They developed impressive technology that can be seen only in dungeons and museums these days.
It is said that they were wiped off the face of Belfan when a calamity fell from the skies; a mighty beast known only now as 'The Annihilator'. It was unstoppable, no matter what the Manta tried, and it destroyed their greatest cities one by one with ease.
The greatest wizards and sages of the Manta gathered together to stop this threat, if they could, using their amazing magical skills, and their efforts reaped a reward... but it was not quite what they had intended.
They managed to tear its spirit - its mind and soul - from its carnal shell, hoping that this would at least cause the beast to cease its physical devastation, but this was not so! The body rampaged, wild as ever - wilder, some say, due to its mindlessness - and the spirit lived on too, somewhere; the Manta now had TWO foes.
It is said that once the Annhilator[sic] had annihilated all that could be annihilated, it merely stopped, and rested, deep in a forbidden, secret dungeon, the location of which is unknown... thankfully. If unleashed upon the world once more, it would spell the end of us all, that is for sure.


  • The description of Blue Soul that can be encountered in Miasmal Citadel, as well as the fact Manta were supposedly neither human nor reptoid may suggest that Manta Civilisation were in fact Goblins.

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