MARDEK Chapter 1: A Fallen Star is the first chapter of the MARDEK series. It is a 'prologue', as it is much shorter in length than the other chapters.

Plot Synopsis

Slay The Mighty Dragon!

In the beginning, Mardek and Deugan are mighty heroes that are going into an evil dragon's castle to slay the dragon and rescue a princess. After the dragon is defeated, the focus turns back to the real world, where it is revealed that Mardek and Deugan are actually just children pretending to be heroes. They go back to their home, and the next morning, a 'falling star' crashes near Mardek and Deugan's hometown.

The Fallen Star

The two decide to investigate. After travelling through the small forest near their hometown, they arrive at the crash site, where they encounter a bully named Mugbert, who has been picking on them for years. He declares that he found the 'star' first, so it belongs to him. Mardek and Deugan fight the bully and eventually drive him crying home, at which point the children walk into the 'star'. Inside, they can see that the 'star' contains strange and extremely advanced technology, as well as the white-robed body of some alien creature. A strange white light appears above the corpse, which rockets into Mardek. Then, Rohoph begins talking through Mardek, which really creeps Deugan out. Eventually, Rohoph sorts everything out for the two boys, and explains that he means them no harm and performed a 'soul transfer' into Mardek, as the force of the crash killed him. Mardek and Deugan head back to their hometown to sleep for the night. Rohoph further explains to Mardek about what he is and again tells him that he means Mardek no harm and that everything will be alright. He says that he can't really tell Mardek very much, because it would be dangerous, for some reason Rohoph does not wish to explain. Eventually, Mardek goes to sleep.

After, a cutscene with the Governance de Magi takes place. They are all in a circle around a strange purple crystal with an odd octopus-like thing 'floating' inside. They discuss how Rohoph has escaped. Apparently, Rohoph could be a threat to the GdM, as he knows too much. They decide on who wants to go down to Belfan and exterminate Rohoph. Almost all of the members refuse, but Moric volunteers.


The first chapter only contains one sidequest which involves gathering a few items for the inventor Meraeador. He needs five LeadPipes for a Metal Man he is working on. Meraeador can be found in the house in the top right corner of Goznor. If you choose to accept the quest, go to the sewers and kill Fumerats until you have enough pipes, then bring them back to Meraeador for your reward.

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