Lunus Moonglow is a secondary character from Deliverance. He is the chief of Aldea, and Aurelia's father.


He rewards the player with a Moonstone for their efforts of ridding the town of zombies and tells them that the only way they could get to Tropicia is by obtaining the Air Crystal. He also gives them the key to dispel the magical ward sealing Howlwood, and allows Aurelia to accompany them on the quest.


Lunus is friendly and helpful to the heroes, freely giving them much-needed advice and assistance to continue their journey. His cheerful attitude sharply contrasts with his pessimistic outlook, observed when he repeatedly informs the heroes of the futility and difficulty of their quest. He appears to take a somewhat lax approach to his duties as chieftain, choosing to wait until morning before taking any steps to deal with the zombie infestation.



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