The Leader of a small group of Fairies in a glade in the Lifewood spoke of a party of bandits that recently ravaged the woods, heading for the Earth Temple. Along their way, they caught five fairies from the glade, and took them who-knows-where.

The Fairy Leader would reward you fairly if you bring all five of them back, to live in peace once more.

In-game description

Lost Fairies is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

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Walkthrough This quest is given to you by the Fairy Leader in the Lifewood when you talk to it. It will ask you to bring back five of its kind. All of the fairies are stashed in one place, namely in a shop in Aeropolis. This shop is in the eastern part of the city, and cannot be entered unless you have acquired a key which can be dropped by a Bandit wandering about in and around the Earth Temple. After obtaining the key, you can buy them for 40000 Gold each and either utilise them or bring them back to the Fairy Leader.
Rewards Talking to Jacques after completing this quest will net you a Empath of Fey medal. Returning the fairies gives a few rewards as well; the first gets you Dreamstone #7, the second gets you Sheet Music II, Vigirous March, third gets you the Astral Harp, fourth gets you a Scarab of Health, and the fifth and final one gets you Dreamstone #11.
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