Lingonite is the home of the Lingons.

Physical Characteristics

Lingonite is a ringed world. Its rings are purple, and though they're thick they aren't very wide. Lingonite is easily distinguishable because of its green 'swamp' seas and its purple vegetation and rock. Most of the surface is boggy.


Lingonite has two natural satellites.


Lingons have developed high technology, and are incredibly advanced, but much of their technology relies on magical energy - 'thaumaturgy' - rather than electricity. Lingonite was the first world created by YALORT, and the Lingons are extremely devoted to him for this. Though Lingons are not warfaring by nature, they do have considerable defensive technology, and many myriads of starcraft used for battle. They do have to ward off attacks from many of their neighbouring worlds on a regular basis, after all.


Lingonite's monsters are high-levelled, and, as such, Lingonite is only accessible to seasoned adventurers.

Places of Interest

  • Draco Council Building
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