Lingons are known as the 'watchers of the galaxy'. They were YALORT's first creations, and possess incredible magic power. They don't have genders and they reproduce by some form of reincarnation.

They communicate via coloured pulses of light from their eyes rather than by sound like most races do.


Arguably the most powerful race in the galaxy, as a whole, the Lingon race dreams of a unified Federation of planets. They seek peace and try to make allies rather than enemies wherever possible. They often visit undeveloped worlds - preferrably before the Elohiym - and speak to the inhabitants about YALORT, a draconic deity whose first creation was the Lingons.

Lingons use science and computer technology extensively, but also have great magical skills, granted to them by YALORT, and they use this 'thaumaturgy' to fuel most of their technology. They can become extremely powerful magic users.

They can be hard to communicate with, however; Lingons speak to each other using coloured flashes of their bioluminescent eyes rather than sound, and as such their language can't be translated by most common Universal Translators. Sequences of coloured flashes form 'words', like sequences of sounds form our words. They are extremely sensitive to colours, and can tell the difference between #4500ff and #4400ff. The Lingons, though non-violent, compassionate and empathic by nature, still possess deadly weapons technology which they use often to ward off the constant invasions of Lingonite by the other races in the Draco System.

Lingons build all of their spaceships in the shape of their heads.

Known Members



  • 'Elohyim' likely refers to the God of the Hebrew Bible. As Earth and the Astrostles Galaxy are depicted to be in the same universe, it is likely that the Elohiym and YALORT are competing deities.
  • Lingon is a pun on Klingon, a species from Star Trek. However, the Lingons seem to be everything the Klingons were not, as they mirror humans more than Klingons.
  • Lingon means 'cranberry' in swedish.
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