Lilanea Ae-Inanna is a character in MARDEK, and Mardek's mother. She lives in the southwest of Goznor.

She reveals the story of Mardek's father, Enki Ea'seph El-Regis, in the first chapter of the series.


Lilanea was born in Goznor, Belfan. She is married to Enki, with whom she had one son, Mardek. She has been taking care of Mardek by herself since Enki left on an adventure, never returning. Both mother and son have been waiting for him ever since.


As her element indicates, she is quite a dreamer, often being 'away with the fairies'. Nonetheless, she is a good, responsible mother, and has a kind soul as well.

Although she usually shows concern whenever Mardek is going on an adventure, she is proud of her son's desire to become a Grand Adventurer, following the steps of his father. She has great hopes for his son, and often encourages him.

She is close friends with Polly, and they sometimes gather in Lilanea's house.

A guard in Chapter 2 implies that she is a bit loose.

In Chapter 3, Lilanea will comment briefly on all of Mardek's allies, if any are in the party with him. Most she knows already, but some she doesn't.


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