A vibrant forest east of Aeropolis. It surrounds the Earth Temple, and the Earth Crystal within provides a strong, vibrant energy, which slows down ageing. The forest is said to be home to mischievous forest spirits, such as fairies. The vitality of the place is reflected in the Dreamrealm by a strong copy of the terrain, the Dreamwood, accessible via various dream circles scattered throughout the woods.

There is a cave deep within the Lifewood where a Serpent is said to dwell, worshipped over the ages by the Axolotls.

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The Lifewood is a location in the MARDEK series.


There are lots of trips taken here throughout MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones for various reasons.

In order to find the ★ Serpent Crest needed for the Goznor Shaman's Oxyale, Mardek and his companions enter a cave deep within the forest and defeat a Serpent, which has been trapped there since it was young and worshipped over the ages by the Axolotls.

As a part of High Priest Vudu's quest to retrieve a stone from the abandoned Yalortian monastery in the forest, Vehrn accompanies Mardek and companions to talk with the Lifewood Shaman about how they can find the monastery. She tells that them that the path leading to it is overgrown, but she is willing to remember the path, allowing them to reach the monastery through the Dreamwood. However, the door is locked. Bostolm's soul in Legion suddenly recalls the monastery as his home, but refuses to say the password. Vehrn tricks him into doing so, which opens the door and allows the party to retrieve the stone from the monastery.

At the northern part of the forest, the party encounters Muriance at the entrance to the Earth Temple. He claims to have become a treasure hunter and wishes to enter the temple in order to retrieve various items to give to children. He tells Mardek to find the remaining part of the key to the temple, a ★ Runestone Fragment, so that he can enter. When Mardek returns with the fragment, Muriance reveals that it was only a plan to get the key so that he can steal the ★ Earth Crystal of Belfan. The party pursues Muriance into the temple, where they manage to prevent him from stealing the crystal.

Monster formations

Random (everywhere except Fairy Spring, Shaman's Grove and Hut, and outside the Lost Monastery and Earth Temple):


  • Rogue Fairy x1 (trapped chest)
  • Bandit x4 (plot battle at Earth Temple entrance)

Treasures found



South of Woodhearthenge


North of Woodhearthenge


West of Woodhearthenge



Fairy Merchant

Item Price (G)
MugwortJuice 250
FigJuice 1,000
Remedy 500
Fairy Harp 6,000
Pixie Dust 1,200

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