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Larval is a type of Beast in Beast Signer.

Larval-type beasts

All Stage 1 beasts are part LARVAL, but NO OTHER STAGES can have this type!!

Larval-type techniques


All enemy beasts are able to use whichever skill they learn.

Glyph None
Type: Magical
MP: 5
#Silver Bubble
Inflicts magical, non-elemental damage.
Learned By Bolar, Bris, Bulboid, Buoybie, Cumulus, Dogrop, Druttle, Greml, Grubb, Guppea, Inkus, Nagrop, Roglop, Sekil, Sputnik, Woot, Zeode
Properties Power: 100%
Accuracy: 100%
Glyph Air
Type: Magical
MP: 2
Heightens agility.
Learned By Buzzle, Cherrybud, Firefly, Henn, Kee, Omgull, Orly, Tricken, Yarly
Properties SPD + 1
Glyph Light
Type: Magical
MP: 10
#Larva Cure
Cures a small amount of HP.
Learned By Demianj, Larva, NullSprite, Sprighte, Sprite
Properties Power: 200%
Glyph Earth
Type: Magical
MP: 2
Lowers a foe's defence.
Learned By Hob, IosGrubb, Oskapo, Shufl, Ug
Properties DEF - 1
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