Laptops in Clarence's Big Chance detail Clarence's date's preferences, which are randomised every playthrough. This page will detail the location of every laptop in the game. It also contains a transcript of laptop dialogue.

Clarence's House

  1. Near the end of Clarence's Room, on a platform on the top right. In plain view.
  2. In the Basement, to the left and up a narrow passage by the ceiling.
  3. In the Kitchen, in the ventilation. Go down the middle metal pipe from the upper kitchen.
  4. In the Living Room, inside the chamber where Clarence's parents are squabbling (there is a sign below). The laptop is hidden in the fray, behind the father. Jump up through the platform and clear the room to find it.


  1. Climb to the top of the Tower, and go through the door on top.
  2. In the lake in the park. You need a key to access it; the key is in the park treetops and is rather difficult to access.
  3. In the sewers, go right until you get a car, then come back left to find the laptop.
  4. Inside a small house with two doors in the suburbs.

Generic Company Building

  1. In room 2 on 1F, on the top right. Replaces a computer in one of the cubicles.
  2. In 2 1/2F, on the path that the car crashes through.
  3. In the part of which is accessible via the very top room of the internet.
  4. In the part of which is accessible via a room near the downright corner.

Streets at Night

  1. To the left of the top floor of the main streets area, at the top of a long climb on disappearing blocks.
  2. To the right of the top floor of the main streets area, in a maze-like structure filled with water drops.
  3. Beneath the main streets area, the car is needed to access it. It is across a pit of spikes that is crossed by using the bonus jumps from landing on enemies.
  4. To the left of the fourth floor of the main streets area, in a room full of bats. The car is needed to access this area.
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