A large lake just west of Canonia. There have been many tales over the years of mysterious magical secrets lying at its bottom...

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Lake Qur is a location in the MARDEK series.


MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero: The Lake Hag

On the way to Canonia, you passed by Lake Qur with a lot of glass figures around the lake. After talking to a crying young blue-haired girl, you found out that everyone, including the girl's parents, has been turned into glass statues by the Lake Hag. You agreed to help to find and kill the Lake Hag at the bottom of the lake. By casting Emela's Aqualung, everyone is able to go underwater to find the Lake Hag. After killing the Lake Hag, the blue-haired girl, Elwyen, leaves for Canonia and you continue on your journey.

MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones

Three years later, one day after Elwyen's 17th birthday, Mardek returns and finds her sitting next to her parents' statues by Lake Qur. She tells him that he promised to take her with him when she becomes 17, and she's holding him to this fact. So Mardek has no choice but to agree and she goes home to pack.

Finding the Elemental Crystals

After completing the Shaman's Brew sidequest and getting the Oxyale from the Goznor Shaman, Mardek and company re-enter the lake and proceed underwater to the Water Temple to get the ★ Water Crystal of Belfan.

Monster formations

Shore area

  • Wasp x2
  • Wasp x3
  • Wasp x4
  • Hobgoblin x2
  • Gruul x2
  • Wasp x1, Hobgoblin x1
  • Wasp x2, Hobgoblin x1
  • Wasp x1, Gruul x1
  • Wasp x2, Gruul x1
  • Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x1
  • Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x2
  • Wasp x1, Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x1
  • Wasp x2, Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x1

Underwater areas

  • Drowned Corpse x2
  • Brinary x2
  • Brinary x3
  • Brinary x4
  • Drowned Corpse x1, Brinary x2
  • Drowned Corpse x2, Brinary x2


Treasures found


Main underwater area

  • ★ Droma Arm (MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones only; examine an empty droma suit)

Lake Hag's Cave B1

Lake Hag's Cave B2

Tunnels to temple


Water Temple

Main article: Water Temple

On the first level of underwater Lake Qur, off to the left, there's a path, and when you try to go that way Emela stops you and says you "shouldn't be going off to random temples".

When asked how she knows there's a temple that way, she denies knowing about it and moves you along.

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