Jacques Ae-Sualex is a character in MARDEK.


Commander (formerly Captain) Jacques Ae-Sualeux is the Commander of the Royal Guard of Goznor. He commands the recruits directly. He's a skilled warrior, hence his position as Commander, but he considers the job dull, which it is, and aspires for a higher rank with more adventuring involved. Despite his annoyance with his current position though, he maintains a bright and cheery outlook on things. He has a French accent, despite the fact that France isn't a nationality in the game.

Between chapters 1 and 2, Jacques was promoted to Commander after surviving a particularly fierce battle.

- Chapter 3 in-game description


In Chapter 1, Jacques is in charge of the Goznor guard post. If spoken to, he informs Mardek of recent sightings of his father, Enki.

In Chapter 2, Jacques briefs Mardek and the other recruits for their final training and first mission. After the events in the Gem Mine, he unofficially promotes the five remaining recruits to Guards. He later gives Mardek, Deugan, and Emela their second mission.

In Chapter 3, Jacques awards medals to Mardek.



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