In the MARDEK series, Item Crafting is the practice of combining items into more powerful or useful ones. It was introduced in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones.

Xantusian Blacksmith

Blacksmith screen M3.png

The player can ask the Xantusian blacksmith to craft various pieces of equipment.

Trade Quest

The blacksmith will take the ★ Red Dragon Scales found in the Earth Temple and give the Drackal Crescent in return.

Gloria's Cauldron


If Gloria is in the party, the player can use her cauldron (located in the Shaman's Cave in Canonia) to craft various Expendable Items.

Meraeador's Workbench


If Meraeador is in the party, the player can use his workbench (located in his workshop in Goznor) to craft Inventions, Robotarms, and R. Plating.


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