A catipillar-like insectoid beast. They can often be found living in leaf litter in deep forests. They're usually inquisitive and polite, but when disturbed, they're capable of defending themselves with their stinger.

In-game description

The Grubb is the Stage 1 beast from the Terra family in Beast Signer.


A Grubb is...a Caterpie. But it has a stinger, so maybe it is a Weedle. Well, it is a caterpillar (or some other larval stage insectoid with a similar physique) and is completely green barring gray feet and black antennae. They have bright green eyes, aqua mouths, and dark green tail stingers.


Wild Grubbs can be encountered and signed in the Cradlewood. They are also used by the enemy signers Schoolgirl in Route 5, and those participating in the Random Tournament.


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Grubbs learn Silver Bubble, a Larval-type technique. They can also use any Larval or Insect techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Grubb will evolve from a Terra Egg after one battle, as long as it isn't in storage. It will evolve again at level 5, becoming one of three beasts based on its actions in battle:

  • If it used mostly physical attacks (at least n%), it will become a Gobbldegak.
  • If it used mostly magical attacks (at least n%), it will become a Terrnip.
  • Otherwise, it will become a Chakasi.


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