The Goznor Shaman is a character in MARDEK. He is remarkably old and has protected the Goznor region for as long as he's been around, offering aid to travelers and warding away all those who seek to destroy or defile nature.


He has a minor role in Chapter 1. If Mardek and Deugan visit him in his hut in the Soothwood, he only greets them and points out the nearby Save Crystal.

In chapter 2, after Canonia is attacked by Moric's zombies, he goes to the Zombieproof Cave in the village in order to make sure everyone is safe. He teleports Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Zach and Vehrn to Moric's Battleship to defeat Moric.

In chapter 3, he reveals the location of the Water Crystal of Belfan to the party after being asked. He gives Mardek's group a special brew which allows them to breathe underwater to return to Lake Qur and enter the Water Temple despite Emela's absence. He can provide Oxyale (the special brew) if brought the correct ingredients:


In chapter 3, the Shaman also opens a shop where Mardek can buy various reagents for crafting.

Notice You cannot trade with the Shaman anymore after completing the Shaman's Brew quest.
Item Price (G)
Acid Seed 80
Leaf of Life 300
Mugwort 600
Bitterleaf 600


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