Gope is character in the MARDEK series. He is a bandit employed by Muriance in MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero.


Supposedly an orphan and not having the education to get a good job, Gope was taken into Muriance's group of bandits.


Mardek and Deugan first encounter Gope in the Gem Mine in Chapter 2. The player has to choose either to attack him or to spare him.

  • If attacked, Gope will fight Mardek and Deugan and be killed.
  • If spared (as their instructor had asked them to do, as the Royal Guard were not sent out on missions simply to kill others as Steele had thought), he'll give up his banditry and leave the Gem Mine, and will reappear later in the Goznor inn after Muriance is defeated. If Mardek talks to him in the inn, he'll give him the ★ Trilobite Key IV, allowing access to Cambria in Chapter 2. He will also appear in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones as a travelling merchant.

The game will assume that the player killed Gope if he/she skips Chapter 2.


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Item Price (G)
BetterPotion 120
FigJuice 1,000
Ether 600
Remedy 500
PhoenixDown 500
Alchemist's Fire 500
Really Cold Water 500
Liquid Lightning 500
Bottle O' Acid 500
Elixir 9,999
Emerald Bangle 25,000
Sapphire Bangle 25,000

Locations of Gope's wandering shop



  • His 'shops' are actually one shop in different locations, since any changes to any of his 'shops' also make the same changes in his other 'shops'.
  • He speaks with an Irish accent.
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