King Gonoroth Fa-Regis is the king of Goznor in MARDEK chapters 1 to 3. He's also Donovan's father.


The King of Goznor. His power is absolute.

He's a genuinely good person, and seeks to make the world a better place. He started the Royal Guard so then he could aid people and keep law and order not only in Goznor, but throughout the whole of Belfan. Currently their range includes only Hadris, but some Royal Knights are sent out further on long missions.


In chapter 2, the King promotes Mardek and group to Royal Guards after the mission in the Gem Mine. He also rewards Mardek's group after they save Goznor and gives Mardek his knighthood after Moric's defeat.

In chapter 3, he is controlled by Qualna and gives Mardek a mission to find the Elemental Crystals. When Mardek brings the crystals to him, Rohoph initiates a fight since he thinks the King's body is occupied by Qualna (when in reality he is only being controlled) and he is killed.

Donovan succeeds him as the ruler of Goznor after he dies.


The King is a genuinely good person, but according to Donovan in his dreamstone, he has a tendency to "flaunt his excellence all over the place."


King of Goznor

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The King of Goznor is fought as the penultimate boss in Chapter 3. He wields a sword and has very powerful magical abilities covering many elements. In addition, he can summon Aether Clones of Mardek and party, though this is due to the fact that he is controlled by Qualna.



  • If you examine his character page in the People section of the Encyclopaedia before defeating the Mystery Man, his eyes are shown as normal. If you examine it during the Find the Elemental Crystals quest, his eyes are red. After you defeat him, his eyes are shown back to normal.
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