The Generic Gold Piece, commonly abbreviated as Gold, is a kind of currency used widely across Belfan. It is frequently dropped by monsters, even though they are only miasmal apparitions.

From enemies

In the MARDEK series, all enemies drop Gold once they are defeated. The amount of gold dropped is proportional to the level squared, and is calculated by the formula:

$ \lfloor \operatorname{randInt}(0, \mathit{level}^2 + \operatorname{randInt}(1, 11)) \times \operatorname{random}(0.5, 1.5) \rfloor $ where:

  • $ \operatorname{randInt}(a, b) $ selects a random integer from $ a $ (inclusive) to $ b $ (exclusive)
  • $ \operatorname{random}(a, b) $ selects a random real number from $ a $ (inclusive) to $ b $ (exclusive)
  • $ \lfloor x \rfloor $ is the floor function.
Mardek sample gold distribution

Most notably it is increasingly unlikely to get an amount of gold over one-half of the level squared, and not possible to get more than one and one-half over the level squared. On average, each enemy drops gold equal to their level squared.

Three enemies in the game drop additional gold alongside their random drop, these are:


Regal Crowns teach the skill Double Gold, which increases the amount of Gold enemies drop according to the formula $ \mathit{gold} = \mathit{base} \times (1 + \mathit{users}) $, where:

  • $ \mathit{gold} $ is the amount of gold dropped;
  • $ \mathit{base} $ is the amount of gold that would have dropped without Double Gold; and
  • $ \mathit{users} $ is the number of party members with Double Gold equipped.

Legion can learn the Money Attack! skill, which deals 1 damage for every 500 gold that you have.

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