The Generic Company Building is the third level in Clarence's Big Chance.


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At the end of the level, Clarence's Boss gives Clarence an evaluation of his performance.

  • If Clarence completed 0-2 tasks, he's fired.
  • If Clarence completed 3-9 tasks, he's given £50 for each task completed.
  • If Clarence completed all 10 tasks, he's promoted to Executive and receives £1000 and a suit (if he arrives to his evaluation dressed).


Chat-up Advice

Chat up advice are the phrases that you can get from NPC's around the office building. They help with impressing Clarence's Date at the end of the game. Each piece of advice unlocks a Conversation Topic which can then be used at the date. Whether a given Conversation Topic will impress depends on the girl's libido (revealed by a random Laptop).

  • Chat-up Advice #1 - 3F - Obtained from an executive. Start from room 3 and go right to the ladder, then continue left to room 1. Jump across the lights into a small room.
  • Chat-up Advice #2 - 1F - Obtained from a girl in the hallway.
  • Chat-up Advice #3 - 2 1/2F - Obtained from a lost employee on floor 2 1/2F. Access floor 2 1/2F by entering the hidden area accessible from the top of the lift. Obtain a car, and drive across the lift shaft into room 3. Either continue through the rooms (requires an additional key) or go via the hallway to room 1, where the lost employee is.
  • Chat-up Advice #4 - 2F - Obtained from an executive at the far right side of the Burning Room (room 3).
  • Chat-up Advice #5 - 2F - Obtained from a drone behind a locked door in room 1.
  • Chat-up Advice #6 - 1F - Obtained from a girl at a desk in the Cubicle Farm (room 2).
  • Chat-up Advice #7 - 3F - Obtained from an employee on the upper level of room 2.
  • Chat-up Advice #8 - 4F - Obtained from a female executive in the main room of floor 4.

Enemies and Hazards




  • The website in the Internet called is a reference of Facebook ('visage' and 'tome' are synonyms of 'face' and 'book', respectively).
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