Gallovar is the Medium Priest of Yalortism in the Goznor region of Belfan. He preaches the word of the Holy Dragon to all those who will hear. Despite his relatively young age, he's seen as a sort of sagely father figure, and his counsel is sought by people of all ages seeking guidance. His eyes are solid, glowing green as proof of his devotion to YALORT and the reality of the power he's received from his deity.


In Chapter 2, he gives you the ★ SewerKey, which is needed to access the second level of the Goznor Sewer. If he's talked to after Moric is defeated for the first time, he'll give you a YalortianAmulet.

In chapter 3, he'll take the ★ Hair Tonic that the hairless priest in the Sun Temple gave the party and gives the ★ Romance Novel in return.


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