GALARIS is a Lesser Archetype Deity for death.



A possible depiction of GALARIS from the Deliverance Game Over screen.

(from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

Deities: GALARIS
GALARIS, The Evereaper, is a Lawful Evil Overseer Deity. He represents Death; both as an archetype and as a natural force. He has two roles: to collect the souls of the departed, and to watch over the realm of the Antilife, a black void where those who lived evil lives must spend as long as it takes to atone for their crimes.
He is depicted as a shadowy figure wearing a dark, ragged robe, wielding a huge scythe with which he cuts the silver cords of those on the brink of demise. His likeness is universally used in artwork to suggest death or dying, either in the sense of danger or just death by old age.


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