Flee is a unique action skill available to all playable characters in MARDEK. Flee can be used by a playable character in battle by navigating to the appropriate button. It cannot be used outside of battle.


Flee immediately ends the current battle. Gold, items, and AP for Passive Skills are not awarded after fleeing a battle; experience and AP for reactions are rewarded during battle, however, and are not removed by fleeing.


Playable characters are unable to use Flee if they are afflicted with Sleep, Confusion, Zombie or Berserk, and may be unable to use it if they are afflicted with Paralysis. In addition, it is impossible to flee from non-random battles.

Flee cannot be used at the end of Chapter 2, while escaping from Moric's Battleship, and in the Fire Temple in Chapter 3, while escaping from the Flame Soul rooms.


  • There are some similarities between Flee and the battle-skipping mechanic. However, there is no indication that the two are linked in any way.
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