A semi-legendary sword said to have been used in some great battle thousands of years ago or somesuch.

In-game description

Flametongue is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Mardek and Vehrn.


Flametongue is a sword with what appears to be -paradoxically- a wooden handle with a metal tip, and a guard made the same. The blade is no blade, but rather fire. It has one large plume in the center, with a smaller plume on each side. It also has what appears to be an orange 'aura' surrounding it, likely due either to its high Fire affinity, or the fact that it's... y'know... fire. It is one of the three semi-legendary swords, the other two being Fishslayer and the Forest Edge.


  • ATK: 39
  • Critical chance: 3%
  • FIRE Elemental
  • Effective against AIR
  • STR +1
Skills Fire Slash


In chest Fire Temple (northeast room)


  • The Flametongue is a common weapon in Final Fantasy games.
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