A beast that apparently was born from the mutated code of an old web browser program. It's rather popular at the moment, and its popularity seems only to be rising.

In-game description

The Firefox is the Stage 2 magic form of the Ember group.


Firefox resembles a Red Fox. While its body parts are separated, it has red fur on the top, white tips and a white under belly. It also has brown feet and yellow slants for eyes.


Firefoxes cannot be found in the wild. They are not used by any enemy signers, except for those participating in the Random Tournament.


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Firefoxes learn Pyromagia I, a Pyro-type technique. They can also use any Beast or Pyro techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Firefox can be evolved from a Greml. It cannot evolve again.


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  • Firefox is a reference to the browser of the same name. Its description refers to how it is seen as a good alternative to Internet Explorer.
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