One of the god-built Elemental Temples, which houses the Fire Crystal. Being within it fills you with a kind of sweltering energy, almost aggressive; it makes you want to dance or fight something, or both.

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Belfan's Fire Temple houses the Fire Crystal of the planet. It is located deep inside the volcano, Crimson Peak. In MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, Mardek and his allies go here to obtain the Fire Crystal of Belfan.


After navigating through Crimson Peak, the party encounters the World's Saviours on a bridge leading to the temple, who say that they will obtain the crystal for themselves. They challenge Mardek and his allies to a race for the crystal. Inside the temple, however, the Saviours are confused on how to progress thought the temple using Soul Cages. Only Bernard knows how to do this, though he only reveals this to Mardek's party. Despite this, he allows them to get to the crystal first. Later, the party manages to defeat the Fire Guardian and then obtain the crystal. However, as they are leaving the temple, the World's Saviours stop them and challenge them to a fight, and they are defeated again, to their frustration. Mardek allows the Saviours to look at the crystal, but not take it, and they are motivated to obtain another crystal before Mardek's party.

Monster formations

Random (everywhere except entrance, guardian room and crystal room):


Treasures found

Hub Room

Northwest Soul Room


Southwest Soul Room


Southeast Soul Room


Northeast Soul Room


Crystal Room

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