For some bizarre reason, the King of Goznor has ordered you to find and retrieve the Elemental Crystals.

This is no casual feat! The Crystals are the planet's "organs", in a way; immensely powerful and priceless natural formations which are sort of like the sources of all magic and life on the planet.

The king has been acting very oddly, so you've decided not to give him the crystals. But you will collect them, just so then he can't send other Knights to get them for himself.

In-game description

Find the Elemental Crystals! is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

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Walkthrough Finding the Water Crystal:

Finding the Fire Crystal:

Finding the Earth Crystal:

  • Complete the The Soul Cage to get Legion, who is necessary for the next quest.
  • Complete the The Lost Monastery quest to get the ★ Runestone Fragment.
  • Talk to Muriance outside the Earth Temple with the Runestone Fragment and defeat the Bandits that he sends after you to get access to the temple.
  • Solve the 4 memory sequence puzzles in the 4 rooms of the temple to get access to the Earth Guardian's room.
  • Defeat the Guardian, enter the crystal room, confront Muriance for the Earth Crystal.

Return to Castle Goznor and defeat the King of Goznor to finish this quest.

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