This is Figverse Wiki's Content Policy: a set of rules that limit the information we allow. This policy answers two basic questions about our wiki: what, and why. Many of these rules exist to respect the rights of other people, especially the copyright holder.

Pages that do not meet these rules should be improved (if possible) or marked for deletion.


  • Information must be officially released by the copyright holder.
  • Information must be about the Figverse.
  • Fan creations (fan art, fan fiction, etc.) are not allowed.


  • Articles must not be plagiarized.
  • Articles must contain a list of references.

Unreleased Creations

  • Unreleased creations must have no more than one article each.
  • Articles about unreleased creations must be linked to sparingly.
  • Articles about unreleased creations must be clearly marked.


Most of the information on this wiki can be found by ordinary people. Sometimes tools are needed (like an image editor) to make it useful. Some information, though, can only be found by looking at a game's source code. This is called 'hacking'.

A lot of this 'hacked information' is useful: things like statistics, or damage formulas, that are hidden from the average player to make things simpler. Despite that, we have to prohibit some kinds of hacked information, in order to respect the rights of the copyright holder. Therefore:

  • The source of any hacked information must be at least one year old.
  • Hacked information must not unreasonably spoil unreleased creations.
  • 'Dummied out' information is not allowed.


  • Images must have a source.
  • Images must have a license.
  • Images must be usable or transcludable in the main namespace.
  • Images must not come directly from a game's source code.
  • Audio and video are not allowed.


  • Opinions must be separate and clearly marked.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.