Fignar Hakentaightainford is a dwarven Fig Master who lives and keeps a shop on Ehaiah.


(from a book in the Yalortian Monastery in The Rise of Yalortism)

Fignar, whose friends call him 'Figgy' (or at least, they would if he had any) usually greats the nooblar Fig Hunter by saying something like 'I haven't trained anyone in years...', even if he had just trained somebody else ten minutes ago.
This is because Figgy is completely and utterly bonkers.
He then 'trains' this Fig Hunter by sending them to the 'Fig Realm' or 'Fig Dimension' or whatever it's called.
The newly initiated Fig Hunter, when returning to Ehaiah, is then told to seek the Fig Guru high atop Mount Fig, to find out the Secret of Figs.


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