Fighter Techs is the skillset used by Bartholio in MARDEK.

List of skills

Glyph Physical #Power Attack
Attack fiercely. 50% more powerful than an average attack, but less accurate.
Learned From Start
Learnable By Bartholio
Formula (1.5 × ATK - DEF) × STR × level / 50 ± 10%, where:
  • The solution is the damage dealt;
  • ATK is the user's ATK;
  • STR is the user's STR;
  • level is the user's level; and
  • DEF is the target's DEF.
Notes Has an accuracy of 65%.


  • Bartholio's Power Attack is innately inferior to Deugan's Power Attack. While the two have the same offensive might (assuming all stats are equal), Bartholio's has a mediocre accuracy of 65% while Deugan has an acceptable accuracy of 75%.
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