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A thick, gloopy, purple concoction made of figs. No, not THOSE kind of figs! You and your dirty mind! Behave! It restores 2000HP, and causes acute feelings of distaste towards women. Yes, even for women; the self-loathing makes it worse for them.

In-game description

FigJuice is an item in the MARDEK series.


FigJuice looks just all the other potion types, but is a dark purple. In effect, it is a dark fig colored flask containing a murky fig colored liquid (hence the name) with a small brown stopper. Contents unknown, but contains some type of "fig".


Behold the most powerful healing item in the game that doesn't require an unofficial sidequest to get more. FigJuice lacks the versatility of Chocolate Milk but makes up for it in sheer healing power. At 2000 HP healing ability, FigJuice can bring almost anyone back from the brink. This sheer power makes it one of the best healing items in the game, though Chocolate Milk is also incredibly useful.

Properties Restores 2000 HP
As ingredient Elixir


On join Bartholio (x3)
In chest
As drop
In shop
From recipe ×10 at Gloria's Cauldron:


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